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Arestov Digital Expressions provides the full range of services in the area of professional retouch and photo restoration.

Unaltered high quality is the base principle of our work, which we strictly follow and take pride in. Our studio specializes in various areas of digital graphics: photo retouching and photo restoration, pageant retouching, portrait retouch, photo coloring, photo montage, background change, object or person elimination, color correction.

Old photos can be restored or changed digitally. Commercial images can be cleaned, enhanced or redone. Damaged originals can be returned to resemble their original condition. Or, if you prefer, we can manipulate your image until it's something entirely different. Either way, we use state-of-the-art computer software as our tools to perform the task of restoring, enhancing, manipulating, or repairing your cherished photo.

In short, there is no computer magic involved, just artistry using a computer as the artist's tools.

It is also more affordable than you may think, especially when compared to many other expenses for special occasions. Your good times can last forever. This is true whether you desire a restored photo or special image project as a gift for a special occasion, or as a special gift for yourself.

Photo Restoration

Digital photo restoration is the work of a talented artist, where even the slightest deviation from the original is out of the question. Photo restoration, retouching and colorization procedures takes talent, knowledge, passion for the vocation, patience and many hours of experience behind you.

We put in painstaking effort and the soul of an artist into every millimeter of our work, paving the way towards new achievements. Old photo restoration is 100% of high-skilled handicraft!

We carry out:
  • Elimination of dirt, fold marks, stains, smears, cracks, scratches, impregnations, traces of Scotch tape.
  • Restoration of faded color shades and tones for a true-to-life, «new» look.
  • Correction of color balance and elimination of yellowness.
  • Emphasizing details and bringing important elements to the forefront.
  • Tuning up sharpness, brightness and contrast.
  • Elimination of writing tools marks: pen, inks, chalk stains.
  • Restoration of missing areas and parts of an image (in most cases).

Note: In some cases where complex photo restoration is needed, we start working over the project after the full scope of services and fees have been discussed with the customer.

Photo Retouching

Photo retouch can be subdivided into four categories: Portrait Retouching, Pageant Retouch, Object or Person Elimination and Product Retouching.

Portrait Retouching – comprises elimination of cosmetic skin defects, wrinkles, «facelift», make-up correction, squint correction, asymmetry correction, etc. Alongside with cosmetic or physical flaws, some faces have either big mouth or greasy skin, long or short nose, narrow or wide face, a different face angle, hollow cheeks (too skinny), or stoutness.
One would say that these problems should have been solved by a photographer, but alas, not all of them can be concealed by lens and lighting. Retouching finishes off the triad of tools in artistic portrait imagery which in turn is an essential element of the art of photography.

With us you can:
  • Apply or correct make-up elements
  • Reduce eye-brow width or get rid of stray hairs
  • Change eye color, take away sleepless reddening on the eye whites
  • Get rid of wrinkles and pouches
  • Eliminate shiny skin and get a smooth skin tone or tan
  • Get a «face lift»
  • Change the contours of your face
  • Fix missing teeth, correct the teeth line, get them whitened, take away braces
  • Lengthen fingernails and get a manicure
  • Take away tattoos
  • Eliminate severe scars, papillomas, moles and other visible skin defects
  • Eliminate visible capillary veins in visible areas
  • Eliminate excessive weight or cellulitis problem
  • Open closed eyes

Person/Object Elimination
We shall eliminate the specified object or a person with further background completion.

Product / Complex Retouching – is a project consisting of a complex of different tasks and services:
Image retouching with background change, elimination of flashy glass reflections, elimination or insertion of an object or background, bringing the main objects to the forefront, making an object bigger or smaller, object displacement, montage of images, etc.