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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee your services?

Can I send you my photo by mail?
We will not be able to accept your original picture by mail, due to a very high risk to damage it in the process. But you can scan it at any digital photo lab nearest to you and send us the digital file of your original via Internet using our "Upload Page".

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How can I upload my picture to you?
Using our "Upload Page", you'll be able to easily send your digital files to us. Just follow our step-by-step instructions.

How much does it take to accomplish an order?
The full cycle usually takes 3 to 5 business days. The closer the holidays are, the longer it takes to finish a project.
The deadlines are usually determined during the estimation period of restoration works.

How can I pay and when will I receive my order?
We receive online payments through PayPal service only. After we receive your payment, we will send you an e-mail with downloadable links of your files.

How is restoration subdivided by complexity level?
The degree of complexity depends on many factors. The most important ones are the severity and nature of image damages, as well as the number of important objects on the picture.
The severity of damage can be roughly explained as the relation between the damaged area and the total image surface.
The nature of damages is determined by predominant flaws. For example, elimination of cracks and scratches doesn't take near as much time and effort as restoration of massive emulsion destruction. Restoration of lost image fragments is even more complicated.
Also, elimination of a scratch across the face of a person on the picture is obviously more complex than getting rid of a scratch down the building wall. The same is true for a scratch on an eye versus a scratch on a cheek. The largest work load usually lays on restoration of people's bodies and especially their faces. Therefore, the work load is usually proportionate to the number of people in the picture.

What information should be provided for colorization?
Information on the major details, such as the color of eyes, hair, makeup, clothes, etc., is the mandatory requirement.

What are the steps for having a photo restored online?
You can get detailed instructions on sending an order on "How it Works" page.

I have my own scanner, what resolution should I set to scan my picture?
If your picture does not exceed 5" in its biggest dimension, the resolution should be set to 600 dpi, otherwise set the resolution to 400 dpi. Save your file in JPEG format with minimal compression. The maximum file size should not exceed 6,5Mb ( here's a chart of recommended file sizes and a correct size calculation wizard ).

Note: If your original picture has texture, dents or severe surface damages, then you will have to scan it in several times using different scanning modes...

For best results, it is recommended to scan pictures on professional equipment. A household scanner (amateur series) is not able to reproduce all half-tones and get the most crisp and clear images.

You can have your photo scanned on a professional scanner at any digital photo lab.

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